Unicorn Dreamsā€¢ Whipped Foaming Body Scrub

Unicorn Dreamsā€¢ Whipped Foaming Body Scrub

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Allow us to introduce our luxurious 12 Oz foaming body scrub. Indulge in our luxurious body scrub smelling so sweet and fruity watermelon smelling identical to FRUITY PEBBLES & MILK. It smells so delicious and looks even more edible, this body scrub will leave you smelling likeĀ spectacular edible vibes with this scent. Fresh fruity light and airy. This scent is immaculate, which may last all day , fresh + clean but yet not overpowering. This product is what you need to transform any skin condition, why is because our formula was created to soften, moisturize and re-new even the driest + flakiest skin.



Creamy Foaming Body Scrub- Our dreamy whipped foaming scrub, was created to help remove dead skin all while softening the skin. This is a delicate sugar scrub, first use on a damp body and exfoliate while it create a soapy lather while it deep cleans your skin. This is perfect for any shower care routine. Your body will be left soft as a baby's bottom- 12 Oz

INGREDIENTS USED: Coconut oil- Ā To help keep the skin moisturized + reducing inflammation +more.

Vitamin E Oil- which helps strengthen the skin barrier function + it also has an essential amount of antioxidants. Which is essential for your skin to have great overall skin health.

Shea Butter- which helps boost skin moisture + it has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe skin problems


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nayeena Limenih
Itā€™s very hard to get past smell I donā€™t prefer

I do really like turmeric pads. šŸ™thank you guys! I will be placing another order for more soon. Though a tad expensive. There is no exfoliation in scrub, the consistency is not my favorite and the smell is horrific for me, personally not what I expected. The whipped butter smells much better to me though at least 1/2 the container was empty upon arrival. Thinking maybe the whipped consistency deflated by time of delivery. But yes as far as the uni-corn foam scrub. It was wondering if itā€™s uni-corn because it does have a bit of a corn chips smell to it. Hope this is helpful. Thank you for your part in serving this community.

Kaylyn Johnson
Foaming scrub

I just tried it out tonight and Omg! A little goes a long way! It feels so good and I love the way it lathers up! My body feels so good and I love the way it makes my skin feels. Shipment came quick too! Took about a week and a half

Dina Kintz
Never received it!

I have yet to receive any email of confirmation or a delivery date. But they took my money!

Angela Sturdivant
Very smooth and smells great!!!

Very satisfying!!!

Jus great

Smells heavenly. It goes great with matching products. You better grab one or a few before theyā€™re all gone.