Vanilla Butter Wafer• Whipped Body Butter

Vanilla Butter Wafer• Whipped Body Butter

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Allow us to introduce our luxurious, whipped body cream. This scent smells like warm butter cookies with vanilla frosting on top. Enough to make you want to devour the scent. 


Whipped Body Cream - Our body butters was made to be lightweight, keeping your skin soft and smooth without being heavily greasy. Helping you maintain moisture, while healing dry cracked skin, erasing stretch marks and stopping new ones from appearing. Our body butters will improve eczema and psoriasis. Keeping your scent on all day + smelling amazing.




INGREDIENTS USED: Coconut oil- which helps keeping the skin moisturized + helping heal wounds + reducing inflammation.


Vitamin E Oil- which helps strengths skin barrier function + it also has an essential amount of antioxidants. Which is essential for your skin to have great overall skin health.


Shea Butter- which helps boost skin moisture + it has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe skin problems.              

Customer Reviews

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Scent: I am not a huge vanilla person it takes a certain type of vanilla scent for me to be on board. With that being said, I am totally on board with Nyjah's rendition of Vanilla. It's a lite scent which is a positive for me. I ordered this butter in the summer so the formula I received was completely different from the formula shown in the picture. I was completely taken aback. Um, I personally wouldn't recommend the formula I received it was basically HALF a jar of product, extremely thin, and not really moisturizing. It did make your skin glisten, and the scent stuck to your skin. But, receiving 1/2 a jar of the product and for it to be so thin it was not worth the $22 I spent. But because I have brought other butters in the regular formula I will buy this scent again in the regular formula.

The picture below was taken the first day I received the product.
My rating is based on the item I personally received. (3.2) if I received the regular formula (5).


One word VANILLA… and if you love vanilla scents as much as I do then this scent is exactly what you need. Great with the matching body wash and foaming body scrub

Kayla B
This is bomb

Melts into your skin... Leaves my hands moisturized and skin hydrated.... I suffer from really dry skin on my hands this products with the scrub has help my hands after just a few uses... I love this scent one of my favorites... Try this product you won't be disappointed ☺️


This vanilla wafer body butter smells so yummy I just want to eat it. By far my favorite so far !

Louvenia Kelly

I will be definitely buying again