YONI GEL- Feminine Wash

YONI GEL- Feminine Wash

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Meet our Yoni Gel- feminine cleanser is a delicate blend of all natural ingredients. We created our formula to calm BV, odor +yeast infection + dryness +itching and to maintain a proper PH balance while keeping you fresh for up to 24hrs! It’s very calm and gentle for all vaginas.




INGREDIENTS: Boric Acid+ Lavender + Tea Tree + Probiotics ( Lactobacillus Acidophilus)

KEY BENEFITS for Boric Acid- To promote the proper acid balance in the vagina.

KEY BENEFITS for ( Lactobacillus Acidophilus)- promotes a healthy vagina, stop the growth of bacteria.

KEY BENEFITS for Lavender- is a antiseptics + anti-bacterial herb with soothing and cleansing properties for a healthy vagina.

KEY BENEFITS for Tea Tree- fighting vaginal infections, Tea Tree has antigungal properties. Tea tree is also a anti-microbial in break down bio-film which is found in BV.

When using vagina cleanser, only wash your inner thighs, your vaginal lips, buttocks. Do not insert cleanser into urethra or vaginal opening. After washing gently, rinse thoroughly with warm water. Enjoy a healthy fresh vagina up to 24hrs!

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LaKiesha Murphy

Haven't received my order

Amber Riccio

I never received it

LaKeshia Culverson
Never received my order

I have not received my order or an updated tracking number to the replacement order. I have disputed the transaction because I have no heard back regarding my order. Will not be ordering again


I love this yoni wash it’s the only wash I use for the cat. This wash is better and healthier than any other yoni wash I’ve tried

Simeria Davis
Customer service sucks

I never received my order. It’s been two months and still hasn’t received my order. I reached to the your company and my order been pre shipped for a week and still haven’t received my order or any correct information about my order