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Meet our Yoni Gel- feminine cleanser is a delicate blend of all natural ingredients. We created our formula to calm BV, odor +yeast infection + dryness +itching and to maintain a proper PH balance while keeping you fresh for up to 24hrs! It’s very calm and gentle for all vaginas. 


This spray was created to keep you fresh all day. You can use this as a odor refresher or you can simply spray some on clean tissue after every bathroom use. This spray is so fresh and amazing and will leave you smelling and feeling so fresh and new without even bathing. Made with all natural ingredients like, Rose water, Tea Trea Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil, Distilled Water & more- net wt 4 Oz. 

This scrub was created for the pubic hair area, to remove razor bumps and hair bumps all while soften the skin and exfoliate away dead skin and open pores X this is a peppermint scent yoni scrub to help with inflammation and help soothe the Pubic area.


This is a Yoni Oil, this is oil is made with all natural ingredients to keep you fresh and odor free. It will also help with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Use after every shower and stay fresh  and soft down there. 2Oz


Created to help maintain a healthy PH + help with the recurrence of BV, Yeast, Itching and Odor. Will keep you balanced and fresh all day. 

Yoni Soap Bar is included in this kit. We DO NOT include the same Yoni soap bar on the product picture for every kit. Each kit may come with a different Yoni soap design depending on what soap we provide for restock day. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Cassandra Gomez
Half of the Scrub

I was really excited to get my Yoni Kit cause I loved the idea and supporting small businesses. I received my Yoni Kit went to use it for the first time and the scrub was only filled half way. 😩 was pretty upset for the price I paid.
Everything else seems to work okay.

Yoni Kit

Everything makes me feel so fresh! I love it all and it makes me feel soft smooth and helps with moisture ;)

Bajah Bey


Kaden vcher
The price was so worth it!!

I love the way it smell on me . The texture was so soft !! It last so long

Syreeta Allen
I love the products!!

I really love the products and Nyjah made sure they were packaged nice and were protected. I got the Yoni kit and I’m just in love with it. I will order again when my supply gets low. Thank you!